As Thanksgiving arrives this year, I have many things to be grateful for. First and foremost, I am grateful that I have a home to go to, that I have heat, hot water and food on my table. In the wake of Sandy, it’s even more important to recognize how lucky I am.

I’m grateful that I have a bicycle and that I was healthy and strong enough join TimesUpNYC! and the OccupySandy people this past Monday, delivering supplies and help to people in the Rockaways.

Packing bikes with supplies

Supplies and volunteers at 520 Clinton, Occupy Sandy Coordination Site

Rolling through Brooklyn

Debris, piled and waiting for removal

On our way to make a home delivery

Remnants of the boardwalk

Beach side destruction

The writing is on the wall.

Veggie Island, providing hot coffee to volunteers and residents in need

TimesUp NYC! Energy bike in action, charging cell phones and other electronics.

List of the days available supplies at the 96 and Beach Relief Center

Discovered a chicken coop behind the relief center and the anomaly made me smile.


I didn’t take a lot of photos of my day in the Rockaways. I was there to volunteer my time. But what I saw was beyond words and is utterly heartbreaking. There are so many stories still untold, too many people in need.

Thank you to all the people who are helping others as NYC/NJ rebuilds after Sandy. Whether it’s your job or you’re a volunteer. I can attest that the people you are helping are so grateful for what you are doing. And when one of the victims of Sandy gives you a hug, the tears you’ll shed will remind you of the fragility of everything we have.



About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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