Good Photo: Dmitry Gudkov


Dmitry Gudkov- photographer extraordinaire of the #bikenyc community. If you don’t already know about him, you really should. He’s pretty awesome. Dmitry cares as passionately about promoting people on bikes as I do. His way of expressing that passion: portraits of New Yorker’s and their bikes.

Dmitry’s #BikeNYC photo project is what inspired me to begin photographing the many people on bikes here in NYC and beyond. His project is three years along now and he’s photographed hundreds of the beautiful people who choose bikes in NYC. There are thousands of us and yet to many people we’re invisible. Dmitry’s project is changing that.

Dmitry’s photos just take your breath away. Truly. Looking at the people in his photos, you almost feel as if he’s tenderly hugging them with his lens. Everyone he photographs looks beautiful, calm and without ego. “Knowing” Dmitry now for two years and finally meeting him in person, I can honestly say that it’s a reflection of who he is. He just brings out the best in people.

The other thing I love about Dmitry’s work are the brief stories he writes about the individuals whose portrait he captures. The diversity of each person’s relationship with riding a bike is humanity at it’s best. Simple. Heartwarming. Always interesting. And sometimes humorous

It’s important to put names to the faces of #bikenyc. It reinforces that we are people with histories and futures, friends and family and not just some ephemeral dehumanized idea of a “cyclist”.

When Dmitry and I met up last week, it was to finally have my own #bikenyc portrait done. After a lot of “bikey talk” and posing for Dmitry, I asked him if he’d being willing to switch roles and pose for me. We both enjoy being behind the lens more than in front of it, so I am tickled to have captured Dmitry’s #bikenyc portrait.

If you haven’t already had your #BikeNYC portrait taken by Dmitry, I highly suggest you get on that ASAP. You can takes your chances of running into him on the streets. Better yet, you can contact him to set up an appointment via his website , twitter (@gudphoto) or his BikeNYC: New York Bike Portraits facebook page.

If you don’t ride a bicycle, I hope that Dmitry’s photographs will inspire you to change that.    And if you have no still have no interest in riding a bicycle, don’t forget to check out the rest of Dmitry’s website. He photographs more than just people on bikes.


About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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One Response to Good Photo: Dmitry Gudkov

  1. Dmitry says:

    Liz, thank you for this post. Your words are too kind. Great to finally meet you in person!

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