Snow BikeNYC

On my way home yesterday morning, I popped by Central Park to do what tons of other people were doing: take some photos of people enjoying the fun and beauty of the snow.

As I stopped to take a picture, someone standing nearby complimented me on my bike and asked if I would be willing to have my own photograph taken. Sure! Go for it. As we chatted, I discovered that he used to manage the Metro Bicycle store on Lexington & E. 88th in the late 80s – early 90s. He rode for many years but has been off the bike for a while and intends to rejoin BikeNYC in the near future.  He sent me the picture and though I rarely post pictures of myself on this blog…I loved the photo so much I just had to share it.  His name is Charles Chessler and his photography just stunning.  Take the time to enjoy more of his work at his website He also has a facebook page you can follow.

Photo by Charles Chessler

Photo by Charles Chessler

Here’s another photo of the red Schwinn and couple from the photo shoot yesterday, courtesy of Charles. Positively Cycle Chic.

Photo by Charles Chessler

Photo by Charles Chessler


About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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7 Responses to Snow BikeNYC

  1. Lenny KZ says:

    Just great!

  2. Ryan Grimm says:

    Not only a great photo, but you’re beautiful! Don’t be afraid to put more of your stuff up.
    And thanks for the blog, good to see what other parts of the USA etc. are doing on bikes.

    • bikepeacenyc says:

      Thanks for the compliments Brian. I’m not afraid to put pictures of myself up, it’s just that I want the focus of this blog to be about the greater BIkeNYC community -not about me, even though all opinions expressed are my own.

  3. bcopher says:

    Great pics. I love love LOVE the Yellow panniers/saddle bags. What kind are they? They look like they’d be perfect for my Workcycles Oma!

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