Pedal Pusher

Last night, I had plans to meet up for dinner & drinks with one my of my oldest and dearest friends. Nearing her office,  I noticed a Citibike station conveniently located just down the block. I’ve been trying to encourage my friend Anne to try riding a bike in NYC for two years now, so I hatched a plan.

Ready to unlock & undock.

Ready to unlock & undock.

Anne had noticed the docking station too, and asked me questions about how Citibike worked. Since I was on the Oma and had my key fob with me, I didn’t miss a beat in telling Anne that she was about to take her first Citibike test ride.

And she's off. Maiden voyage.

And she’s off. Maiden voyage.

Anne couldn’t remember the last time she had ridden a bike, so after undocking a Citibike I adjusted the seat low enough that she could use her feet to stop or balance in case she got nervous. I gave her a quick orientation to the bike and told her to start pedaling.

Just look at that smile!

Just look at that smile!

It was also Anne’s first time pedaling in NYC traffic. At first, she only wanted to go around the block, but I gently convinced her that we should take a longer ride. As you can see, she didn’t take much convincing. She took to the bike like a fish to water.

Begriming Buddies

Begriming Buddies

Naturally, the occasion warranted a photograph of the two of us together.

Still Smiling!

Still Smiling!

I swear Anne never stopped smiling the whole time. The happiness of being on a bike is utterly contagious. We encountered other begrimers along the way. Though some where more enthusiastic than others.

Hey, why aren't you smiling?

Hey, why aren’t you smiling?

Yea, she's in on the secret...

Yea, she’s in on the secret…

Enjoying the 1st Ave Protected Bike Lane

Enjoying the 1st Ave Protected Bike Lane

What was Anne’s verdict in the end? She loved it. She admitted it was fun, easy and a really great way to get around town. She’s still a bit nervous about riding in traffic on her own, so I promised to take her on more ‘practice’ rides to get her used to it.

She’s yet to become a full-fledged bonafide convert to pedaling the streets of NYC, but I’m working on that. I’ll be coaxing her along her way to #bikenyc independence and an annual Citibike membership. Welcome into the bergiming fold Anne. The Bike Lobby- it’s all powerful.

Success. Arrival and redocked at our destination.

Success. Arrival and redocked at our destination.

Congrats Anne. I “popped your #bikenyc cherry”.


About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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