Double the Fun

People riding together. Social cycling is an indicator that we’re starting to get closer to normalizing people on bikes, despite incomplete infrastructure. I’m seeing plenty of people cycling side by side, but it’s the more ‘unique’ moments that are catching my eye. Sometimes it’s an intimate or carefree moment. Other times, it’s witnessing people feel safe enough to “double up”. Moments like these are still rare in NYC but they’re beautiful. Looking forward to the day when it’s so normal – no one blinks an eye.

Fist Bump

Fist Bump

The Handoff


Double the Fun

Double the Fun

Affectionate Crop


Carry Me Crop

Carry Me

Delroy & Tiara

Delroy & Tiara

Delroy & Tiara

Delroy & Tiara




About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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One Response to Double the Fun

  1. TinLizzie72 says:

    I think biking is a social sport – even when I am on my road bike, I’m happier when I’m riding in a group, or with someone else, than if I’m out alone. It might seem solitary, but its not!

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