Women Are On a Roll

This week, the League of American Bicyclists released their first report, Women On A Roll from the Women’s Bike Program on the role of women and bicycles in the US. The report is full of great facts and statistics and includes their five C’s to get more women on bicycles: Comfort, Convenience, Consumer Products, Confidence and Community.

There’s a twitter chat scheduled for 2pm EDT this afternoon (Use the #WomenBike hashtag to follow the discussion).

In celebration, here are just a few of the women who choose bicycles in NYC. Enjoy. Hope you’ll join the discussion this afternoon. Let’s close that gender gap.


34th Avenue, Astoria

Summer Dress

Crosstown |  Downtown

Summer Whites

Madison Lovely

Reflected Queens

Blown By



Red Ribbon

Wrap it Up




About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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2 Responses to Women Are On a Roll

  1. Nina the bicycling Midwife says:

    Love seeing a spectrum of women on a spectrum of bikes. I have been helping at some of the BikeNY learn to ride classes for adults. It is so neat when they get it – and get that bike happy grin!

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