Guest post by William Vallejo: What is Bikes for Life?

Social in Astoria

Social Cycling with William In Astoria

Bikes for Life, Bicis por la Vida by its name in Spanish, is an initiative created by La Ciudad Verde a Colombian citizen synergy movement. La Cuidad Verde’s main objective is to promote more sustainable cities and regions by providing ideas and proposals substantiated by strong academic support and successful experiences from around the world.  The group also helps to establish communication channels between citizens and political actors to generate discussion and push for better and more sustainable public policies.

A study of the number of fatalities per mode of transportation for the year 2012 in the City of Medellín, Colombia revealed an alarming number of cyclist deaths in comparison to other modes of transportation. Thus was conceived the idea for a campaign to promote the bicycle as a valid mode of transportation and to highlight the need for better cycling infrastructure and public policies in Colombia.

As a result the group decided to join the celebration of World Car Free Day (WCD). They called upon members and volunteers to participate by painting bicycle symbols and messages on the streets called “Life Lines” to protect bicyclists.  The idea was embraced by several advocacy groups and last year in September 22, bike lanes were created simultaneously in six Colombian cities along with respectful and cheerful mass rides.

Bikes for Life won VeloCity’s Cycling Visionaries Award for best advocacy and social project which gave the movement international recognition. As of today more than 190 events in more than 30 countries have been registered to be held on Sunday, September 22 and New York City is one of those!

Almost daily there are reports of pedestrians or cyclists injured or killed by cars. New York City can and should have better spaces where pedestrians, cyclists and drivers share the road and travel safely and quietly. The street is for everyone and Bikes for Life is the opportunity we have as citizens to show that pedestrians exist, cyclists exist and that continuing to prioritize cars is a big mistake.

So join us and be part of the Velo (r)Evolution!  We will ride to celebrate life. We ride to remind our elected officials (and those campaigning for office) that bicycles and pedestrians are legitimate modes of transportation and that we deserve better infrastructure and safer conditions in the car clogged streets of New York City.

Ride with us on Sunday September 22, 2013.

1pm, three meet-ups:
6th Avenue and Houston St, Manhattan
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
34th Ave and 78th St, Queens


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Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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