Bikes4LifeNYC: You Really Don’t Want to Miss This

Photo credit: Keegan Stephan

Photo credit: Keegan Stephan

Autumn. Traditionally it’s harvest time. In NYC, being that we live in an urban environment, harvesting or ‘reaping’ the rewards of our efforts takes on a different meaning than it does in rural communities. But it doesn’t mean that it’s any more or any less. It just is what it is.

NYC is an emerging cycling city. Other North American cities are looking to us as we lead the way towards safer streets and equality for all people in our environment- the emphasis being on people, not cars. The last few years have seen some beautiful complete street transformations, but there’s still work to be done. I want to extend a huge kudos to all those who’ve been doggedly campaigning and working for what has been accomplished to date.

We’re going to ride this Sunday to celebrate the breathe of life that has been infused into NYC’s streets- via bike lanes, pedestrian islands, pedestrian plazas, bikeshare, and slow zones. The reason you don’t want to miss out on our ride- we’re giving a gift to the city. Can’t tell you more about it now (it’s a secret), but if you ride with us on Sunday- you’ll be one of the first to know.

Our ride on Sunday is about more than just NYC. This is the first time that NYC will be joining the international movement that started in Medellin, Columbia- Bikes4Life. Let’s keep this momentum moving forward. The Velo (r)Evolution is here and now. The time is ripe to seize our opportunities.

If you don’t live in NYC, just get out there and ride- it’s the easiest and simplest form of activism. Invite your friends. Let them in our beautiful secret. If you do live in NYC, then you should join us on Sunday. We have three slow social rides starting at 1pm.

September 22, 2013, rain or shine.

1pm, three meet-ups:
6th Avenue and Houston St, Manhattan
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
34th Ave and 78th St, Queens

2pm, Convergence at Times Square 46th & Broadway

You can RSVP here:

Or you can just show up and ride with us. We’re planning a potluck picnic afterwards ( in Central Park) so if you plan to stick around with us bring some food to share, because that’s what the harvest is about. It’s about sharing the bounty and the love.

Hope to see you there.


About bikepeacenyc

Just another NYer who is happier when on a bike. Gezellig fietsen. Advocate for Liveable Complete Streets.
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