Bike School

BikePeaceNYC Bikeschool 

What we offer: a friendly & personal concierge service for all things bike in NYC.

Welcome to BikeNYC

Welcome to BikeNYC

Learn to Ride: More like a friend than a teacher. Whether you never learned to ride a bike before, it’s been a while or you’re new to NYC and nervous about riding a bike in traffic, I can help you find your path to freedom and independence of mobility. Bicycles really are the best way to get around NYC and I want to share that lovely ‘secret’ with everyone. No matter what your level of curiosity, I’m here to help you figure out the next steps.  I’m a good listener, so your curiosity will determine the course load.

Possible subjects
Learning how to ride a bike : again or for the first time.

Navigating your local bike shop : most LBS (local bike shops) tend to be staffed and run by men. Many come from a racing or sport oriented background. They also have a reputation for being unfriendly to women and newbies. We’ll go along to help ensure that you get the bike that you want and best suits your needs

Navigating the streets of NYC– whether you’re new to the city or you already take joy rides in our parks and greenways but feel intimidated or frightened at the idea of cycling through NYC’s streets. Car traffic can be scary.

I’ve got four decades of experience on bicycles, 24 of those years have been in NYC.  NYC’s streets aren’t fully tamed yet, but if you try & choose bicycles you’ll eventually become a part of the solution.  I’ll teach you how to ride with a relaxed confidence that will serve you well.

Heard about this Citibike thing but not sure how it works? – if you’re too shy to try it alone, I’m here to coax and guide you on your way to full fledged annual membership. Lose your metro card & trade it in for a key fob. You won’t regret it.

Bike School: $95/per person (1 hour). $40 each additional half hour if needed. Recommended that you let me guide you individually, but will consider small groups of up to three people at a time.

Tours of NYC by Bike

Would you like to explore NYC by bicycle? Whether you just want company or someone to show you around, I’ll be your friendly guide for the hour or the day. Tours will be tailored to suit your wants and needs. We’ll keep things within your comfort zone. You won’t feel unsafe or intimidated. If a whim hits you & you change your mind about how the tour will go or where it will take you, we like to roll with the punches!

I can show you NYC off the beaten path. If you want to hit all the touristy spots, we can do that too.

Curious about NYC’s developing bicycle infrastructure?  I can take you around and show you what’s working, what’s not & how things can be improved. I’m also happy to share my knowledge of the inroads that the BikeNYC community have made and the hurdles we still face ahead.

Tours : $95 (1-2 people) /$150 (3-4 people)/ $200 (5-6 people)

To keep things intimate, tours are limited to six people at a time.

Duration: 90 minutes

Interested in either Bike School or NYC Bike Tours? All questions and queries welcomed.

Happy Pedaling!

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