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Push Off (with Poesies)

Time: September 11, 2014 afternoon Place: Madison Avenue. Upper East Side, NYC An stylishly dressed young woman patiently waits to cross the intersection She surmises her surroundings Pushes off when the timing is appropriate Gives herself a little extra oomph to … Continue reading

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Detroit and the Slow Roll (Part 2- The Ride)

My hunch proved to be correct, the guys with the cool bikes were headed to Slow Roll. As they crossed the intersection, a mother and daughter drafted into the flow.  The crew was from the Southwest side of Detroit. They … Continue reading

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Tipping Points- Look for it in the Little Things

Sometimes when you’re looking for signs of progress towards a healthy cycling ‘culture’, it’s the little things that indicate we’re on the right track. In places where cycling for transportation is as normal as getting out of bed in the … Continue reading

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First Snowfall

This past saturday, NYC saw it’s first substantial snowfall of the season.  As snowstorms go; it wasn’t that bad, with a total accumulation of 2-4 inches. It was however, enough to affect how people got from A to B no … Continue reading

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Bikes4LifeNYC: You Really Don’t Want to Miss This

Autumn. Traditionally it’s harvest time. In NYC, being that we live in an urban environment, harvesting or ‘reaping’ the rewards of our efforts takes on a different meaning than it does in rural communities. But it doesn’t mean that it’s … Continue reading

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Guest post by William Vallejo: What is Bikes for Life?

Bikes for Life, Bicis por la Vida by its name in Spanish, is an initiative created by La Ciudad Verde a Colombian citizen synergy movement. La Cuidad Verde’s main objective is to promote more sustainable cities and regions by providing … Continue reading

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Celebrate Life- Let’s Ride

A few weeks ago, friend and fellow cycling advocate William Vallejo approached me about co-organizing an event in conjunction with “La Cuidad Verde” and their Velo-City award winning Cycling Visionaries movement, Bicycles For Life. Hmm, a chance to encourage more people … Continue reading

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