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Hello Gorgeous.

How to look good on the streets of NYC? Easy. Just BikeNYC. Thumbs up BikeNYC! Looking good. Advertisements

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Why I Hate Helmet Promotion

I don’t hate helmets. But I do hate the way that they are aggressively promoted as the most important factor in safety for people on bicycles. Why? Because of encounters like the one I had this morning. They happen weekly, … Continue reading

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Multi-modal Friends

Pedaling through the streets of NYC I am lucky to witness many endearing moments, such as the interaction between the two gentleman seen below. I don’t really need to write anything more. The pictures tell the story. BikeNYC is beautiful … Continue reading

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Today was the United Nation’s 1st International Day of Happiness. They were asking people to state what makes them happy in one word. That’s an easy one for me: bicycles (and more people on them). 

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A Little Push Goes a Long Way

As I was riding home last night, I encountered this scene. A gentlemen pushing his nephew on his bicycle up the Queensboro Bridge bike path as his other nephew walked alongside. It was such a tender scene and in a … Continue reading

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Just People, On Bicycles

Beautiful, aren’t they? March 2013, NYC

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Social Biking – Family Time

W.C Fields was quoted as saying “Never work with kids or animals”. As a performer, he knew these adorable scene-stealers would upstage him without an ounce of effort. When talking about bicycle culture, it’s the opposite. When people feel comfortable … Continue reading

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